A 23-year-old Zimunya man sentenced to 32-years imprisonment for rape and robbery.

Tanya Ncube |  1 week ago | local

A 23-year-old Zimunya man from Tembere village under Chief Zimunya was recently sentenced to 32-years imprisonment for raping 2 elderly women and robbery.Lawrence Munyama was sentenced to 32-years imprisonment by Mutare Magistrate Tilda Mazhande after she found him guilty of rape and robbery. Prosecutor Perseverance Musukuto told the court that the accused raped a 74-year old woman and a 76-year old woman in June last year.

On the first count Munyama raped a 74-year-old who was fetching firewood after he threatened her with death and assaulted her to make her comply.

On the second count he raped a 76-year-old woman after stealing her phone and her money. The court heard that the accused moved around with a machete robbing people. The two cases were reported to the police leading to his arrest.