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The Rise

For those working early in the morning or waking up to start the day this is the show for you.

The Wake Up Call

It is the typical day starter, a buffet of all you need to embrace the new day. From sports to business, to quiz that will put your thinking into gear. The scintillating playlist blends the new and the old school spicing all with latest social media updates making your morning listening experience unforgettable.

The Joint

The grand magazine show combines laid back music with hard hitting social and cultural talk that will challenge your view of the world. Are you all about weddings, cooking, interior designing, housekeeping and domestic issues? If yes , this one is your show.


The emblem of Manicaland linguistic prowess, it goes right to the marrow of Manicaland’s cultural being, the show blends Ndau, Hwesa , Manyika , with fast paced music and simple down to earth cultural talk in a way that reveals the richness of languages from the Eastern side of Zimbabwe

The Homebound

From the old to new music to the trending social and the historical perspectives all this and more dissected in blend with the dominant songs at the moment. It’s the only drive time radio show in Zimbabwe that captures all in 1. Be it Sungura, Amapiano , Dancehall, House , and even soul no genre is sacred it’s all about taking you home from a well busy day of work.

The Centre Stage

The show epitomizes the heart of the station, the political, the social, the cultural the economic spheres are all captured. Talk about the most happening chat show “Trending 10” to hard hitting politics on Talk Thursday, to most topical societal issues on Zvozwinyi. The Centre Stage is your kind of cocktail if you are a radio fan.

The Lockdown

You never know what’s on the lockdown until you listen to the Lockdown, is it religion, is it romance, is it music or is it just noise you want on a Thursday night to walk into Friday. Hook up on the lockdown